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Starkey Hearing Technologies joins the Otoscan Community

Starkey Hearing Technologies is now equipped to receive images from Otoscan® - a breakthrough digital ear scanning solution – as input to manufacture customized hearing aid solutions.Read More

Profile PhotoHearing Balance AcademyAugust 9, 2019

Center of Excellence 2019

“We want people to be able to perform all the tests when they are finished with this training. It’s what they need,” Read More

Profile PhotoHearing Balance AcademyJuly 20, 2019

Exceptional solutions

Patients in Ireland receive exceptional audiological care and personalised hearing healthcare solutionsRead More

Profile PhotoHearing Balance AcademyJuly 19, 2019

Focus on customers and quality

Simon Müller, master audiologist and clinic owner, uses probe microphone measurements (PMM) with Aurical Freefit to help boost customer satisfaction at his clinic in St. Augustin, Germany.Read More

Profile PhotoHearing Balance AcademyJuly 17, 2019

New opportunities in hearing care with Otoscan®

An important factor For professional hearing care clinicians , is the ability to deliver personalized hearing care efficiently as well as staying competitive in an increasingly challenging market. Read More

Profile PhotoHearing Balance AcademyJuly 15, 2019

Frontiers in Hearing

Natus Medical Incorporated was proud to be a Silver Sponsor at the 15th Frontiers in Hearing Symposium, celebrating the contributions of Dr. Jerry Northern as the symposium’s founder and mentor. Read More

Profile PhotoHearing Balance AcademyJuly 6, 2019
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