Otoscan® 3D Digital Ear Scanning Solution

Helps Audiology Practices Personalize, Engage and Differentiate with Custom Ear Pieces

Otoscan® 3D digital ear scanning technology from Natus, formerly Otometrics, is transforming the way audiologists and dispensers provide hearing care. More than just an alternative to manual earmolds using silicone impressions, Otoscan enables audiologists to further personalize client counseling during the hearing aid selection and fitting process. Otoscan streamlines the production of custom in-ear pieces, turning images of the ear into 3D digital files that are uploaded to the Otocloud® portal for immediate use by earmold and hearing instrument manufacturers to produce custom ear pieces.

In addition to enhancing patient counseling, Otoscan provides clinics with operational and business benefits that can lead to increased efficiencies and patient satisfaction.

“Any time an adult custom mold is called for, we turn to Otoscan. It’s the future of ear impressions.”

Marcia Blank, Au.D., Owner, Gardena Hearing Center

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May 13, 2020

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