Focus on customers and quality

Focus on customers and quality drives success for Hangelar Hearing Care

Simon Müller, master audiologist and clinic owner, uses probe microphone measurements (PMM) with Aurical Freefit to help boost customer satisfaction at his clinic in St. Augustin, Germany.

Ensuring quality in hearing aid fitting and customer service with Modern hearing care technologies

From pricing and product portfolio to the design of customer services, a sharp focus on quality and customers is what guides the successful master audiologist and young entrepreneur Simon Müller.

Originally trained as an optician, today Simon is a skilled audiologist who enjoys helping people.

“In audiology you really notice that you are restoring people’s quality of life – and that is really beautiful and always motivates me,” says Mr. Müller.

Simon Müller opened his own Audiology clinic in St. Augustin, Germany, and now decides what services he offers customers, preferring to invest in modern hearing care technologies and satisfied employees rather than luxuries for his clinic.


“Our goal is simply to offer great hearing aids with the best customization, and that is what ultimately secures our future,” Mr. Müller explains. “Perhaps our business would also function if we were more expensive, but the question is just how long that would last. Our growth comes from our success, from local word-of-mouth recommendations. It is simply because we customize every hearing aid system with Freefit, and offer our customers things that very few others do.”


Delivering customer satisfaction with Comprehensive service and counselling

Simon provides hearing aid systems which he delivers with a comprehensive service and counselling package,  therefore offering a wide selection of high-quality hearing aids—even those where the cost is covered by health insurance—but also customizes each hearing aid with real ear measurements (REM).

“Everyone gets the same service and the real ear measurements with Aurical Freefit brings them to the end goal,” says Mr. Müller. “That’s why we actually always have very satisfied customers, because the outcome simply always is right.”

For Simon Müller, high customer satisfaction depends on the quality customization he offers, as well as on intensive counselling. “We counsel our customers just as we would our friends and family, and that is much appreciated.”

In addition, each customer  receives an initial device care package worth €90 and is invited for a free six-monthly or annual check-up. “We don’t earn any more money from that, but it’s crucial for good maintenance,” He also offers this service to non-customers: “In the end, this is the best advertisement,” he explains.


The ideal technical support for customization at the highest level

For Mr. Müller, Aurical® is his daily companion, whether in the clinic or during his increasingly popular house/home calls. “I have always found Aurical stable and visually attractive, but also simple and easy to use. It was obvious that I should keep on using it when I became self-employed, because I knew I could rely on it.”

The Aurical fitting system helps Simon Müller meet the challenges of the counselling process and the unique needs of his customers.

“With some customers you have to begin with encouragement,” Mr. Müller explains. “Hearing loss comes on gradually and many may not be aware of how far it has progressed. However, we can offer the customer a complete auditory experience simply and quickly with the hearing aid simulator. Then it is easier to convince the customer.”

“It is always exciting to work with the customer to find the right hearing aid. There is a broad spectrum of hearing aids available and the customer is usually not familiar with any of them. With the consulting app, I can clearly demonstrate the differences between the various hearing aid systems, so that it also functions really well. Then you have to find the right fitting formula and adjustments. Aurical offers me many options, so I can be very flexible.”


Real ear measurement and Aurical Freefit help boost quality and customer satisfaction 

Simon Müller believes real ear measurement with percentile analysis is an essential part of hearing care.

“You notice that when you customize a hearing aid with real ear measurement and percentile analysis, you get a much better result much more quickly. Then only the subjective component is lacking. That means that we need fewer appointments until the customers have a hearing experience that they like. That is good for the customers because they do not need to visit us so often. And of course it is also good for us, since we can work more efficiently and serve more customers.”

August 12, 2019

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