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Falls is one of the leading causes of injury for the elderly population ages 65 and older. Base on the National Institute of Health in the USA, more than one third of persons older than 65 fall each year and it’s the leading cause of mobility and disability. Based on the literature among people how fell there is a high percentage (40 – 73%) who have a fear of falling (Abyad & Hammami, 2017) Post fall syndrome has psychological consequences on the elderly that expand to the functional level decreasing the overall quality of life. The learning objectives for this lecture are:

Fear of Falling in Elderly

  • Define fear of fall
  • Describe the factors associated with Fear of Falling
  • Analyze the relationship between balance and Fear of Falling
  • Describe measurement of fear of Falling
  • Discuss the potential role of Computerized Dynamic Posturography

Course Curriculum

The Course Units
Fear of Falling in Elderly – Video 00:19:00
Certified Knowledge Quiz
Fear of Falling in Elderly – Quiz 00:20:00

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