Using speech recognition in the selection and fitting of hearing aids

02may11:00 am12:00 pmUsing speech recognition in the selection and fitting of hearing aidsJoin this eseminar with Dr. H. Gustav Mueller

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Course introduction:
As recent as the 1970s, speech recognition testing was the primary method used to select the most appropriate hearing aid for a given patient. For the past 40 years, however, prescriptive fitting methods have emerged, and probe-mic measures are then in turn used for the verification of the fitting. While this approach is clearly more valid and reliable, there remains a role for speech recognition testing in the overall fitting process—in particular, the measure of speech understanding in background noise. In this course, we will review how speech-in-noise testing can be used to help determine candidacy, select hearing aid style and features, and to demonstrate to the patient hearing aid benefit. Additionally, we will review how these test results can be used in establishing realistic expectations and during post-fitting patient counseling.

Learning Objectives:
At the conclusion of this eseminar the participants will be able to:

  • Describe general procedures for conducting speech-in-noise testing.
  • Describe how to interpret the results of speech-in-noise testing.
  • Discuss how speech-in-noise test results can assist in determining candidacy.
  • Discuss how speech-in-noise test results can be used to demonstrate hearing aid benefit.
  • Discuss how speech-in-noise test results can be used during post-fitting counseling.


Speakers for this event

  • Dr. H. Gustav Mueller

    Dr. H. Gustav Mueller


    Dr. H. Gustav Mueller holds faculty positions with Vanderbilt University, the University of Northern Colorado and Rush University. He is a consultant for WSAudiology and Contributing Editor for AudiologyOnline, where he has the monthly column “20Q With Gus.” Dr. Mueller is a Founder of the American Academy of Audiology and a Fellow of the American Speech and Hearing Association. He has co-authored over ten books on hearing aids and hearing aid fitting, including the recent three-volume Modern Hearing Aids series, and the clinical text on Speech Mapping and Probe Microphone Measures. Gus is the co-founder of the popular website, and resides on a tropic North Dakota island, just outside the city of Bismarck.



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