This self-paced training includes lecture and video demonstrations covering functional balance and mobility impairments and rehabilitation. After completing modules of this training, please take the knowledge quizzes to receive the training certificate, verifying that all sections of the course have been completed.

Online NeuroCom CIS Course Objectives


  • Describe how stable vision and postural stability play important roles for maintaining balance
  • Define Computerized Dynamic Posturography and how this assessment is used when assessing patients with balance complaints
  • Differentiate the Core Assessment protocols for static versus dynamic systems
  • List the key elements of the 6 conditions in the Sensory Organization Test
  • Describe and differentiate automatic motor, reflexive motor and voluntary motor function and assessment
  • Discuss the difference between dynamic vision and gaze stabilization scores
  • Define balance strategy, and how this information is used with interpretation and treatment planning
  • List at least three evidence based protocols for assessing a patient for fall risk
  • Describe and differentiate closed chain and sequence training, giving examples of each
  • Discuss the contribution of the Motor Control Test to the assessment battery

Course Curriculum

Introduction to Balance Control 00:43:00
CIS Quiz- Introduction 00:20:00
Getting Started with the Core Assessment
CDP Demonstration 00:00:34
Pediatric CDP Demonstration 00:14:00
After Assessment - Interpretation!
Sensory Organization Test (SOT) Interpretation 00:43:00
Motor Control Test (MCT) Interpretation 00:25:00
Adaptation Test (ADT) Interpretation 00:13:00
Limits of Stability (LOS) Interpretation 00:18:00
Posturography & Limits of Stability Quiz 00:20:00
Determination of Aphysiological Performance
Aphysiology 00:21:00
Aphysiology Quiz 00:20:00
inVision Interpretation 00:23:00
inVision Software Demonstration 00:18:00
VOR X1 Training 00:10:00
inVision Quiz 00:20:00
Head-Shake SOT
Head-Shake SOT Interpretation 00:19:00
Head-Shake SOT Demonstration 00:10:00
Functional Assessment with the Long Forceplate
Balance Master- Long Forceplate Tests Interpretation 00:52:00
Balance Master – Long Forceplate Tests Demonstration 00:25:00
Weight Bearing Squat Demonstration 00:04:00
Rhythmic Weight Shift Interpretation 00:08:00
Rhythmic Weight Shift Demonstration 00:05:00
Stability Evaluation Test Interpretation 00:19:00
Stability Evaluation Test Demonstration 00:06:00
Functional Assessments Quiz 00:20:00
Modified Clinical Test of Sensory Interaction on Balance (mCTSIB)
Modified Clinical Test of Sensory Interaction on Balance (mCTSIB) Interpretation 00:00:16
Modified Clinical Test of Sensory Interaction on Balance (mCTSIB) Demonstration 00:07:00
Modified Clinical Test of Sensory Interaction on Balance(mCTSIB) Quiz 00:20:00
Rehabilitation and Training
Custom Training Demonstration 00:03:00
Sequence Training Demonstration 00:03:00
Neurogames 00:06:00

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  1. CIS course


    Very good course and very helpful learning tools!

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    It was very useful. Thanks

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