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Online resources for the Tele-health Certified Technician (TCT)


Step 1: e-Learning

Below you will find a series of videos and instructional material designed to familiarize TCTs with the basics of the new audiology equipment.

We recommend watching these videos before the on-site training to gain a better understanding of the equipment, probe placement and terminology.

Simply click on the “view training videos” to display the educational modules associated with each piece of equipment.


Step 2: On-site Training

A professional audiology equipment trainer will soon be at the CBOC to provide hands-on training for the site TCT training and help familiarize you with the new instrumentation and Otosuite software.

Natus is your TCT training partner
If you have questions at any time during this training process, call 855.285.7978 to talk to a customer support representative.

Aurical PMM

Room Calibration

Hearing Aid Fitting

Probe Tube Calibration

Efficient Probe Tube Placement

Aurical HIT


In the Ear Hearing Aid


In the Canal Hearing Aid

Behind the Ear Hearing Aid

Audiometry Transducers

Audiometry Transducers


Navigation and Modules

Ambient Noise Assessor – demonstration video

Binaural Speech Tab

Feature description – Ambient Noise Assessor

Madsen Zodiac and Otosuite

Menu Settings in Otosuite

User Test in Otosuite

Madsen Zodiac


Menu Navigation

Probe Overview

Probes, Changing Probe Tips, Cleaning Probe Tips

Probe Calibration

Reflex Overview

Performing Manual and Auto Ipsilateral Reflex Thresholds

Madsen Otoflex 100


Selecting and Inserting the Probe Tip

Daily Probe Check

Cleaning the Probe Tip

Course Reviews

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