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Supplementary Resources

Below you will find a series of videos and instructional material designed to assist Kaiser Permanente consultants with the basics of the new audiology equipment.

We recommend watching these videos, if after the webinar and hands-on training, you may have missed some information.

Simply click on the training videos to display the educational modules associated with each piece of equipment.


Jeanette Fitzke, Au.D.
Field Clinical Audiologist

Madsen Astera²

Astera2  – the Astera ACP

Otosuite – Features Overview

FRESH Noise – What is it?

Otosuite – Navigation and Modules

NOAH – Getting Started

Otosuite – Reporting


Otosuite – Speech Test Tab

Otosuite – QuickSIN Performing and Scoring

Otosuite – Binaural Speech Tab

Otosuite – Tinnitus Test Tab

Otosuite – QuickSIN Installation

Madsen Zodiac


Menu Navigation

Overview of Accessories

Button Overview

Probe Overview

Contralateral Reflex Transducers

Probes, Changing Probe Tips, Cleaning Probe Tips

Probe Calibration

Manual Tympanometry


Performing Manual and Auto Ipsilateral Reflex Thresholds

Setting up a Sequence

Reflex Overview

Menu settings in Otosuite

Y Recorder in Otosuite

User Test in Otosuite

Data Transfer

Manual Tympanometry in Otosuite

Madsen Capella²


Software Navigation, User Tests and Startup Settings

In the Ear Calibration Methods




DPOAE Default Display Settings


Other Test Features

Clinical Considerations

Madsen Otoflex 100


Installing the Batteries


Button Descriptions

Daily Probe Check

Selecting and Inserting the Probe Tip

Fitting the Ear Tip on to the Probe

Cleaning the Probe Tip

Fitting the Probe in the Patient’s Ear

Default User Tests

Performing a Tympanogram

Basic Test Procedures

Tympanometry in Otosuite


Basic Software Features

Basic Software Features

Customizing Reports

ECochG & ABR Simultaneous Protocol

Advanced Software Features

Printing Reports

Customizing Toolbars

Tips & Tricks

Course Reviews

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